About Erich

Erich Manser (left)

Erich Manser (left)

What drives you to excel in sport, business or life?  What will your legacy be?  How will you become the best?  These questions ring true for every athlete, executive and parent.  Athletes at both the professional and amateur level strive for greatness, business leaders steer their organizations toward long term prosperity and parents look to leave a lasting legacy with their children.

In your personal quest for greatness, what kind of obstacles have you had to overcome?  How clear is your vision for success?  Erich Manser has a crystal clear vision for leading a successful life.  He strives to be a great father to his daughters and raise them to be better than himself.  He puts in the extra energy to have a successful career in a Fortune 50 company and commits every other waking minute to training and racing triathlon at the highest level.

Although Erich’s vision is clear as glass, he can’t see you if you were standing a foot in front of him.  Erich is legally blind and has a retinal degenerative disease that will render him completely blind soon enough.  While Erich can’t see the world in front of him, he has more vision than the majority of able-bodied people in the world.

As a father, leader and athlete, Erich’s vision is simply to show others that with a clear vision, they can see.  Using his platform as a top performing paratriathlete, Erich is on a mission to inspire future generations to make their vision for success a reality.  His message is one of hope for everyone to live a healthier, more meaningful lifestyle.

In realizing his vision to become a Paralympic triathlon champion and Ironman, Erich is offering a select group of partners the opportunity to be a part of his dream to inspire thousands of others.  This group of partners will have exclusive access to Erich as a motivator and will gain significant, international exposure in the process.  This partnership opportunity is unique as you not only get to help Erich see his vision come to life, but you have the opportunity to co-brand his mission and inspire thousands along the way.

Erich invites you to join him as a true partner as he seeks to become the next Paralympic champion and shares his message of what vision can do for a blind athlete.

Who Is Erich Manser?
Diagnosed at age 3 with a condition called Retinitis Pigmentosa, Erich learned early that he was facing a gradual loss of eyesight eventually leading to total blindness. He forever thanks his Mom for setting the example of staying tough & staying positive, despite adversity.

Erich has relied on his can-do attitude as the driving force which gets him out there taking risks, though he understands the value of playing to one’s strengths and accentuating abilities.

Proud to inspire thousands within his community, social networks & global employer, Erich’s unique perspective & unbridled optimism can now help drive results for your business!