Father’s Day 2015 – JAWS 40th

This weekend marks 40 years since the movie JAWS first hit theaters, introducing the whole notion of a “Summer Blockbuster”. My favorite movie of all-time, Lisa and the girls took me to an anniversary screening, back on the big screen, for Father’s Day. Excited as I was, I was extra psyched to now live near

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Don’t Expect Perfection

A sense of entitlement can be dangerous for anyone. Having a disability, I’m particularly uneasy with the suggestion that my disability “entitles” me to anything (sure I’ll board the plane first or park up close, but definitely with a distinct sense of unease *wink*). In all seriousness though, I do believe that none of us

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Making Fun of my Disability

I’m pretty much blind-as-a-bat blind. I haven’t always been, but I am now. For me, the path to blindness has been gradual. I could drive (daytime only) until ten years ago, quitting while I was ahead, when I still had a clean driving record. Today, at 42, I’ve got a narrow tunnel of clouded vision,

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2015 Boston Marathon Race Report

Last year, I called the 2014 Boston Marathon my most memorable marathon experience. This was for a number of reasons; “taking back our race” following the 2013 bombings, my first marathon after knee-surgery, done with celebrity guide Peter Sagal providing entertainment and encouragement for 4+ hours. I knew about each of these things ahead of

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Boston Marathon Morning

It’s pretty impossible for me to thank you all individually for such wonderful support, this year and for years now. I am continually humbled by your genuine kindness, and the Boston Marathon has become like another holiday in our house because of it. If you find my efforts inspiring, I must tell you that it

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Consider the Alternative

Never in our history has the power of the consumer been more prevalent, pronounced or obvious. Whether shopping for a new car, a nanny to watch your kids or a groomer to wash your dog, buyers today come armed with limitless information on products & services, good or bad. Word spreads fast, too – and

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Accessibility is an Ingredient

Imagine you’re a talented baker making a cake. You combine water, flour, milk and sugar in a bowl, mix it up, toss in a pan and into the oven at 450 degrees. An hour later, donning oven mitts, you take your fully-baked creation back out and start cracking eggs to be added. Clearly, this is

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A Timeline

Technology has improved our lives so much in recent years, especially in this digital age, but some of the assistive technologies we have today were developed on the foundations of ancient society.

Hokas Pocus – like magic, these shoes saved my marathon

My 2014 racing season has been one of rebuilding. Since a torn meniscus tabled my Ironman dreams in 2013, I’ve been desperate to regain my sense of “normalcy” for performance & training. Over 40 and aware that a “new normal” could be my only real choice, I embraced my denial and pushed on ahead. Beginning

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Back on the Bucket List….

I M Excited. I M Determined. I M Registered. I M Florida. November 7, 2015. Panama City Beach Florida.