“I’ve resigned myself to…” is no way to live.

#IMFL15: My Race Report, for the record.

In the 5 years I’ve been doing triathlons, people have sometimes joked that racing while tied to a sighted guide isn’t fair, as the guide could be pulling you along faster than you’d otherwise go. Fresh off the greatest race of my life, I gotta admit, they may have a point. Like many others, my

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Over Halfway!

Who can help push us to $4000? https://www.gofundme.com/vkd7t8 THANKS EVERYONE!

Sandy Canes

For my beach-going blind friends, some sure-fire ways to confuse others while using your white cane at the beach: 1. Use it while wearing huge headphones and walking amongst a pack of people using metal-detectors 2. Use it while wearing a red “Lifeguard” t-shirt and start climbing the ladder 3. Use it to walk right

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A Nantucket Tri, I nearly didn’t

My family and I were on a 50-foot sailboat this past Saturday, lazily playing “Go Fish” with cards I really couldn’t see. It was a gorgeous Nantucket day, the boat rolled gently in the tidal breezes, leaving no evidence of the utter hopelessness I felt just 12 hours earlier. Like most of our “mini vacations”,

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Father’s Day 2015 – JAWS 40th

This weekend marks 40 years since the movie JAWS first hit theaters, introducing the whole notion of a “Summer Blockbuster”. My favorite movie of all-time, Lisa and the girls took me to an anniversary screening, back on the big screen, for Father’s Day. Excited as I was, I was extra psyched to now live near

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Don’t Expect Perfection

A sense of entitlement can be dangerous for anyone. Having a disability, I’m particularly uneasy with the suggestion that my disability “entitles” me to anything (sure I’ll board the plane first or park up close, but definitely with a distinct sense of unease *wink*). In all seriousness though, I do believe that none of us

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Making Fun of my Disability

I’m pretty much blind-as-a-bat blind. I haven’t always been, but I am now. For me, the path to blindness has been gradual. I could drive (daytime only) until ten years ago, quitting while I was ahead, when I still had a clean driving record. Today, at 42, I’ve got a narrow tunnel of clouded vision,

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2015 Boston Marathon Race Report

Last year, I called the 2014 Boston Marathon my most memorable marathon experience. This was for a number of reasons; “taking back our race” following the 2013 bombings, my first marathon after knee-surgery, done with celebrity guide Peter Sagal providing entertainment and encouragement for 4+ hours. I knew about each of these things ahead of

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Boston Marathon Morning

It’s pretty impossible for me to thank you all individually for such wonderful support, this year and for years now. I am continually humbled by your genuine kindness, and the Boston Marathon has become like another holiday in our house because of it. If you find my efforts inspiring, I must tell you that it

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