Hokas Pocus – like magic, these shoes saved my marathon

My 2014 racing season has been one of rebuilding. Since a torn meniscus tabled my Ironman dreams in 2013, I’ve been desperate to regain my sense of “normalcy” for performance & training. Over 40 and aware that a “new normal” could be my only real choice, I embraced my denial and pushed on ahead. Beginning

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Back on the Bucket List….

I M Excited. I M Determined. I M Registered. I M Florida. November 7, 2015. Panama City Beach Florida.

Stay tuned…


1 week down as IBM Accessibility Consultant & Tester. Lovin’ the new job, and the raise don’t stink.

Bright Future

With deep, tearful appreciation to the wonderful people of HP and my 10+ years there… I am an IBM’er!


As my eyes slowly stop seeing, I sometimes need to remind myself to still keep looking!


Let me say it this way: Parent-Teacher conferences have become one of my favorite activities. So freakin’ blessed with these two. P-R-O-U-D doesn’t even capture it.

Early Bird

I say it every May or June. You just can’t beat these pre-6am runs. It’s like you own the whole world out there!

I’ll never have regrets about my individual performance – I’m blessed to be out there

My Race Report: Boston Marathon 2014, Official Finishing Time 4:17:50 Well, I can now say this: My slowest, hardest, most grueling marathon run was also my best marathon experience ever. This year’s Boston began taking shape even before last year’s Boston, when two cowards decided to conceal some bombs in some bags. Even so, after

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Sorry terrorist, you lose. A misguided message you wanted to send, we didn’t get the memo. Some cowardly point you just needed to make, but we all missed it though. Fear, intimidation and violence don’t resonate with us. Your new life in isolation and silence, borne of your hate for us. Though you did leave

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